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fitness fits: cute gym outfits for CHEAP

Happy Monday Fit Fam!!

Today I'll be sharing some super cute yet affordable fitness clothing! Yes we all love Lululemon and Gymshark, but our wallets can only go so far. I'm definitely struggling to keep up with all of Gymshark's new releases as a broke college student😭 They are still 100% my favorite athletic clothing company, but sometimes we gotta find some alternatives without sacrificing style.

Let's get started!!

*for sizing reference: I am 5'9", 165 lbs, 27" waist, 41"glutes, 34C, usually wear a medium in tops and bottoms*


1.) Crop Tank Top by Amazon

Why I Love It: If you follow me on Instagram, then you have definitely seen me wear these super cute crop tank tops from Amazon (see right). I think a crop tank top is a fitness wardrobe essential because they are so versatile, simple, and cute!! I currently own two of these tank tops, but just ordered a third because I love them so much😅 The material is INCREDIBLE! They are super stretchy, but they also hug your body very nicely. These can also be used for layering which is nice😊

Where to Get It: You can get the crop tank in all colors from Amazon HERE

Price: $11.27

My Size: Small (these are very stretchy! I'm usually a medium in tops, so I recommend sizing down)

2.) 90 Degree By Reflex Leggings

Why I Love It: These leggings are by far the closest to Lululemon Aligns that I have found yet! They are super flattering with the same "butt dip" seam that the Aligns have right above the butt. They also have the little circle above the butt that makes them look EXACTLY like Lululemons! I get asked every time I wear them which Lululemons they are. They are comfortable, squat-proof, and also come in a wide variety of colors that Lululemons don't come in (I think the colors are definitely my favorite part about these leggings!!)

Where to Get It: You can get these leggings from Amazon HERE

Price: $22.99 (compared to $98.00 for Lululemons!!!)

My Size: Small (these are also very stretchy! I'm usually a medium in bottoms, so I recommend sizing down)

3.) Gym Meme Wear Crop Top

Why I Love It: I own like 10 of Gym Meme Wear's tops! Oh my gooosh they are so cute!!!😍 I will say that the quality of the shirts is not anything special. It definitely just feels like one of those free T-shirts you got from summer camp, but the cute sayings they put on the shirts definitely make up for it! I also really like the colors that the tops come in. I'm a big fan of the maroon and black color combo, so I own a lot of their maroon tops that I pair with black leggings. The way the crop is cut makes your waist look super tiny but these shirts are NOT sweat proof one bit! But who cares if you're killing games in the gym?!🙃

Where to Get It: You can get these tops from Gym Meme Wear's website HERE

Price: $20.50 for a full-length shirt, $23.50 for them to crop the shirt for you (honestly, you can just save the 3 bucks and cut the shirt on your own!)

My Size: Medium/Large (These shirts are not stretchy at all. After reading reviews on the internet, I was told to size down and ordered a small my first go around. The shirts fit but they were SUPER covering my boobs. So I definitely recommend staying true to size or even sizing up if you don't want the crop super high. I'd prefer the crop to be right above my bellybutton. I am wearing a Small in the picture.)


I hope these cheap fitness finds can help you all out while we wait for our paychecks to come in for Gymshark😂 I post all of my gym outfits on my Instagram highlight titled "Gym Fits" if you're ever curious what I'm wearing!

Have a great Monday and I'll see you next week!

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