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hi i'm Tae!

dedicated student at Stanford.

lover of life.

fitness enthusiast.

aspiring surgeon.


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beginning sophomore year at stanford

Hello to all of my readers! Sorry I've been MIA for the past week and a half; I've been preparing for my return to Stanford for my sophomore year!

I just moved into my dorm this past Thursday, and everything's finally all set up and ready to go! (peep the picture of my desk area with all of the anatomy posters lol).

I just wanted to write a quick post about some of my goals for this year. I learned a lot as a freshman, so this year's theme is "planting the seeds." During my freshman year, I didn't really do much. I did not step out of my comfort zone much and really just did what I needed to do to get by (not with respect to school though!). This year, I want things to be different.

I'm ready to take my life by the horns and really indulge in all that Stanford has to offer. I want to make more friends, do activities that I love, and learn more about medicine and what it's like to be a physician. I want the activities and experiences that I have this year to impact my future in the most positive way. This is the year during which I am going to "plant the seeds" that will later sprout into the beautiful landscapes of my future. (Very poetic, I know).

Anyways, this year will be filled with happiness, success, and growth, and I cannot wait to write more about thev various experiences that I'm going to have this year.

Stay tuned for more fitness posts (how to stay fit and on track in college/with a busy work schedule, supplement reviews, more motivational tipcs, and more dieting help!) Have a great week everyone! Go out and kill it!!

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