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tae's favs: cupcake batter protein powder

Hello Hello! Happy Sunday every one!

Sorry I missed Fitspo Friday this week.. I've been super busy in the gym and at work (you can read more about my summer job here)!

On today's Tae's Favs post, I want to do a review of Milkshake Bar's Protein Powder, specifically the Cupcake Batter Flavor.

When I say that this protein powder is the greatest of all time... I am not kidding you. This stuff is FREAKING AMAZING!!!! I've struggled for so long (probably as have many of you!) to find a protein powder that doesn't make me want to gag while drinking it. I've been in positions where I've been forcing down protein shakes to the point where I have felt sick after drinking them because the taste just wasn't right and the consistency was way off; but this particular protein powder has solved all of my problems.

I ordered this on a whim, after being so tired of drinking disgusting protein shakes. I knew there had to be a brand out there that actually tasted good. So I literally searched on Google "best tasting protein powder" and this brand and flavor was the first to pop up! The reviews on amazon were incredible, and I had nothing to lose, so I ordered it (I do this a lot with products..I'm usually the guinea pig for my friends and family because I really only trust myself when it comes to deciding if a product works or not).

The main aspects of this protein powder that stood out to me (other than the fact that everyone claimed it tastes fantastic) was that it contained no added sugars and was extremely low in fat (only 1.8g total and .6g of saturated fat). These two features were very important to me because I have cut out almost all processed and added sugars and I acknowledge the importance of having a low fat meal post-workout (more on this to come!). So when I was looking at this protein powder, it passed all of my nutrition tests and I just had to wait and see how it tasted!

This. Protein. Powder. Tastes. Phenomenal.

I have never in my life tasted such a delicious post-workout protein shake. IT TASTES LIKE FREAKING CUPCAKES!!! I mix one scoop of this powder with 10oz of UNSWEETENED Original Almond Milk, shake it up in my Blender Bottle, and enjoy. This stuff really feels like some sort of cheat meal, it's ridiculous. The consistency is so smooth and creamy; there are no chunks of unmixed powder, it dissolves so well! I now actually look forward to my post-workout shake and I can drink it much faster than I could with other shakes, so now my muscles are getting the nutrients they need for recovery and growth much quicker!

Wait, theres more!!

This protein powder is so incredibly versatile! I've used it in cookies, pancakes, and muffins! I really just add some to any baked good that I'm trying to make a bit healthier. You seriously cannot go wrong with this flavor, or this brand!! If cupcakes aren't your thing (I don't even like real cupcakes so this is crazy!), check out the wide range of other flavors they've got! I'm certain that they have something for everybody. Their flavors range from strawberry cheesecake to pumpkin pie to good old fashioned vanilla or chocolate. Regardless, CHECK THEM OUT!!

I provided the link to amazon above because the powder is a bit more expensive on the actual website. However, on the website they have a promotion going where you receive 2 samples of different flavors with you purchase! So if you're not sure which one suits you best, this may be a better option for you!

Again, the amazon link is here

The official website link is here

I hope you guys try this stuff out! It really is the most delicious protein powder out there! Let me know if you've had it or plan on giving it a shot! :)

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