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workout wednesday: my top 3 ab exercises

Hello hello!! Happy Workout Wednesday (well, it's Thursday, but I'm going to post this under Wednesday's date).

Today I wanted to share with you all my top 3 favorite abdominal exercises!! Whether you're seeking a flat stomach or ripped abs, you'll definitely feel these exercises working!! These are my go-to exercises on ab day, and honestly, I sometimes only do these 3 exercises in super set form and I've seen great results!!


#1: Starfish Crunch

How to Do It:

1.) Start in supine position with arms stretched out overhead in ‘Y’ shape and feet about shoulder width apart. 2.) Bring one arm straight up and diagonally across as you lift the opposing straight leg.

3.) Finish crunch by lightly touching shin (I try to touch my shoe) or just come as close as your flexibility allows. 4.) Alternate back and forth each rep.

Why I Love It:

This exercise works your entire abdominal area! Lifting your arms and upper torso work your upper abs while lifting your leg pulls in your lower abs. I usually do 10 reps (10 touches on each side) and repeat (after mixing in some other exercises) 3-5 times. I also love this exercise because it can be done anywhere in the gym, or at home, and doesn't require any specific equipment.

#2: Standing Oblique Crunch

How to Do It:

1.) Stand straight, your feet shoulder width apart, while holding a dumbbell (or kettle bell) in your left hand with your palm facing in to your body.

2.) Place your right hand on your waist, palm facing in. This is the start position.

3.) Keeping your back and head straight, bend only from your waist to the right. Inhale as you bend.

4.) Continue as far as possible, then hold for a count of one.

5.) Return to the start position, exhaling and contracting your abs.

6.) Repeat the movement this time bending to the left and returning to the start position.

7.) Complete all repetitions holding the dumbbell with your left hand before changing hands.

Why I Love It:

This exercise is great for targeting the obliques. I usually do 3 sets of 10 on each side. No lie, after doing this exercise for a few weeks, I started to notice that I was getting more of an hourglass shape since my obliques were sculpting really well! My waist was more pinched in and I really did look more curvy (NO LIE). Needless to say, I am a huge fan of this exercise!!

#3: Throwdowns

How to Do It:

1.) Lie on your back on a mat with hands holding some sort of foundation above your head (I usually hold a pole that's fixed to the ground, a low railing railing, or anything fixed and heavy to support you. Usually these are done with a partner (you would be holding onto someone else's ankles while they push your legs down), but since I go to the gym alone most of the time, I find substitutes!)

2.) Start with your legs straight up into the air, ankles together.

3.) Keep your knees straight, swiftly move your legs back towards the ground, stopping before your feet touch the ground.

4.) Contract your abs and lift your legs back to the starting position.

For oblique involvement, "throw your legs down" to each side rather than straight in front of you.

Why I Love It:

I love this exercise because I feel it in my lower abs a lot, which is a hard area to target. I also feel it in my upper abs...Okay I really feel it everywhere lol. I like that I can get some oblique involvement, and I also enjoy the fact that I'm laying down (I don't know about you, but exercises that seem a bit like relaxation are a bit easier for me to do!). I usually do 12-6-6 (12 reps forward, then 6 reps to each side) and repeat that at least 3 times. Overall, this exercise is quick, easy, and effective!!


Well, there ya have it! My top 3 favorite killer ab exercises! Give 'em a try and let me know how they work out for you guys!!:)

[images via: {starfish}, {oblique}, {throwdown}]

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