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hi i'm Tae!

dedicated student at Stanford.

lover of life.

fitness enthusiast.

aspiring surgeon.


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motivation monday: have a better tomorrow

Hey guys.

So today I was feeling super motivated to go to the gym and get a great workout in!! I'm really working hard to target my glutes more and tone up my abs. Today is Monday, so it is my heavy and compound lifting day of the week and I was ready to take my workout by storm!!

However, about 3 exercises in, I started losing motivation; I got super tired and upset at the list of exercises I had left (lol because I wrote the program) and I started to feel very nauseous. After a few more sets, I realized I wasn't going to be able to complete the workout I had planned for the day and I was super disappointed. I really wanted to build up my glutes and start the week off strong :/.

To make up for some of the compound lifts, and to make myself feel at least okay about not finishing my set workout, I did a few super heavy glute isolation movements that I usually save until Wednesdays. I really just wanted to be able to go home after the workout and not feel as though I had given up and wasted a gym day.

Anyway, I still felt bad when I got home. I felt like I gave up way too easily, should have pushed through my lack of drive, and was worried that this lack of motivation would continue on throughout the week, making it harder to reach my goals. I was pretty down at first, but then I remembered why I'm doing this fitness journey in the first place. I want to FEEL GOOD, I want to FEEL CONFIDENT, and just BE HAPPY! I then thought about how I'm not going to let one off day ruin my months and months of progress or any future progress!!

So tomorrow, I will be waking up early and hitting the gym. And I'm going to give it MY ALL. If you're in or have been in the same place as me, I hope this quotation can help you continue on your path to reach your goals:

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