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hi i'm Tae!

dedicated student at Stanford.

lover of life.

fitness enthusiast.

aspiring surgeon.


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I have so many goals for the future. I often find myself sitting down and thinking about my future, and how I so desperately want to be living it right now. That's kinda silly because I have no idea what the future holds..but I'm hoping as my life goes on, I'll be able to check a few goals off of my list:

My first goal is to get into a good medical school where I will be able to learn in an environment where I won't be terrified to fail. I usually tell people I want to be a surgeon (cardiothoracic to be exact), but honestly, I really have no idea what specialties I will like and where my heart will be. So far, the only knowledge I have of what it's like to be a surgeon comes from excessively watching Grey's Anatomy (on my 5th time through the whole show right now!!). I am certain I want to become some sort of doctor, and I am excited to see where I end up in the medical field. I just hope that I'm good at it, because medicine and helping others are my top passions in life.

My second goal is to start an incredible family with an amazing man (of course I had to throw some romance in the mix). I feel that I am a woman who really enjoys consistency (as are most!) and I can't imagine my future without kids and (hopefully) a husband. I really just want a best friend to go through life with, someone I can share my passions and failures with. I don't really like to phrase this as a "goal" because I want this whole part of my life to unfold naturally; I don't want any part of it to be forced and I certainly don't want to feel like it's something to just check off a list. (Luckily, I'm not the type to get into ANY relationship just because I want to be in A relationship ;) ).

My third goal is to always be as healthy as I can be. Whether that means putting in work in the gym and giving 110% or eating as clean as possible, I want it. This goal not only applies to fitness (my true love in life) but also to my physical, mental, and emotional health. I'm not the best at taking care of myself first, and I often put off health-related issues for the sake of someone else (sounds weird...a post to come on this). Bottom line is, I just want to look, feel, and BE healthy.

So career, family, and health are at the top of my what's next? Wealth? I obviously would like to live comfortably and be able to provide for my kids and family, but I'd really be completely fine not living in a mansion or driving an Porsche.

Honestly, my list is pretty short. The last thing I want in life is simple: pure happiness. I think that's something that everyone wants at their core, but each individual has his/her own definition. To me, happiness is feeling love in my heart every single day. It's waking up every morning and being so overwhelmed by the various aspects of my life..EVEN on my bad days. It's having movie nights with best friends, date nights with my husband, and game nights with my kids. It's falling to sleep at night feeling so incredibly blessed with the things and people around me. It's not sweating the little things because I know when I take a look at my life as a whole, I've got it pretty damn good!

These goals are going to take some work to achieve. But I feel that on my journey through life, I will grow into an individual with great potential to achieve what I desire. It's going to take positivity: positive influences from the people around me (who will join me in the future [see above]) and a positive mindset for my own personal growth.

Nonetheless, I'm excited. Excited and curious. I can't what to see how my life turns out. And I really can't wait to reach my #goals.

[images via {black love}, {healthy}]

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