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5 steps to getting back on track

Happy Monday everyone!

New week, new chance to reach our goals. Let’s go out and kill this week!

The photo to the right is the one of the transformation pictures I posted on my Instagram last week, and it really made me want to write a blog post about how to get back on track after you’ve fallen off. The left pic is from about a year INTO my fitness journey, showing just how many ups and downs there can be.

So if you’re someone who is having trouble with staying on track, or who doesn’t know how to go about getting back on track after you’ve fallen off for a little bit, then read on! Hopefully these tips can help you out😊


5 Steps to Get Back on Track

STEP 1: Remind Yourself that It Is OKAY to Fall Off

Self-hate and negative self-talk does not help any situation ever! It is 100% okay to fall off track sometimes. We are not perfect nor should we try to be. Every single person has had a dip in their fitness journey (and just in life in general!), so don’t be so hard on yourself! You should be proud that you’re able to acknowledge that you’re not where you want to be, and that you’re trying to take the necessary steps to get there.

STEP 2: Choose a Specific Goal that You Want to Accomplish & Create a Plan

I think this step is super important because it can be really overwhelming to think about all of the things you want to change or all of the ways you want to improve, especially when you’re in a rut. Take a step back and choose one thing that you want to focus on. Maybe it’s growing your glutes by an inch. Maybe it’s losing 5 lbs. Maybe it’s just to get more sleep! Regardless, choose a single goal, and build your plan around that goal. Do a little research. Ask questions. Learn the best way to get to where you want to be.

STEP 3: Choose a Specific Day to Start Again - and STICK TO THIS DAY!

So now you have your goal. And you have knowledge about how to start working towards achieving your goal. Now comes the most important step: choose the day that you will start this plan and STICK TO THIS DAY. YOU get to choose when you start. Choose a day that is soon, but reasonable for your circumstances. For me personally, I usually have to start on a Sunday or Monday to feel like it’s a fresh start😅 It also gives me some time to mentally prepare and to get in any last minute cravings I have before I go all in. Choose your day, do whatever it is your heart desires up until that day, and once that day rolls around, START.

STEP 4: Reward Yourself Along the Way

This step can be tricky, but it is super important for long term success. Being on your game 100% of the time is unrealistic and unsustainable. Life happens! Things come up and life doesn’t always go according to plan. This is why you absolutely have to be kind to yourself. This is not to be confused with overindulging; there is a limit. But every now and then, you should reward yourself for even being on this journey in the first place! Or even better, reward yourself once you reach your goal! I personally try to follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to nutrition: 80% of the time I try to eat as clean as I can in a given situation and 20% of the time, I allow myself to eat my favorites (hot cheetos, pizza, nachos😛). This usually happens via a cheat meal once a week, but there are many different ways to implement this rule! Bottom line: it is easier to stay on track if you’re still able to live a little while on your journey!

STEP 5: Create and Develop More Goals as Your Journey Continues

So now you’re on this lit journey, sticking to your plan and working toward your goal. Now that you’re back in the swing of things, you can start to think about other goals you have, and figure out their place in your journey. It’s much easier to do this step after you’ve shown yourself that you CAN start again and work toward/achieve something! At this point, you’ve proven to yourself that you’re capable of choosing a goal, devising a plan, and executing that plan. So why not add some more goals?! YOU are the creator of your own future. GO GET IT!


Alright! There ya have it! 5 steps to help you get back on track and achieve your fitness goals! I really hope these tips were helpful, and feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or leave a comment if you have any questions😊

Each and every one of you has it within yourself to make and enact change, especially within yourself. You got this, and I am right here with you! Follow along daily on my Instagram!

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