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White Light Short Band


Our simple, sleek, White Light Short Band is the perfect addition to your next lower body sweat sesh! Made from a polyester, custom cotton and rubber blend, our bands are roll-resistant and won't slip down or snap, even during the most intense glute exercises! Featuring a gold Toned by Tae logo, this band was designed to match your training vibe and complement your workout glow!


This band is light resistance, so it's great for beginner to intermediate fitness levels and lower body warm-ups. We like to use it for sumo squats, lunges, clamshells, our glute activation warm-ups, and more! It also comes with a black cotton drawstring band bag, so you can workout anytime, anywhere!


Made From: Cotton and Elastane

Strength Level: Light

Comes With: Black Cloth Drawstring Pouch

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