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The Pre-Med Playbook


The Pre-Med Playbook is a 75 page guide to the pre-med and medical school application process. It breaks down what you should be doing in college to prepare for medical school and explains how to craft a competitive medical school application. You can and will become a doctor, and I’m here to help you get there!


Looking back on my journey, I didn’t know anything about the medical school application process until I was in it. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have faculty advisors and mentors who could help me through this process. You deserve the same. I hope this book can help make everything a little clearer for you when it comes to applying to medical school. I share my personal experiences including where I interviewed, where I was accepted, when I submitted my applications, and even some excerpts from my essays.


If you need some clarity on how to be a successful pre-med and medical school applicant, get this ebook, grab a snack, and get to reading!



75 pages (pdf) 

✦ Details the entire medical school application process from start to finish

✦ Highlights what you need to do during college in order to be a competitive applicant

✦ Tips on how to get involved in activities like shadowing, clinical experience, and research

✦ Explanations on when to take the MCAT, how to study, scores to aim for, etc.

✦ Tips for boosting your GPA for medical school and busting common GPA myths

✦ Thought questions for brainstorming your personal statement & activities list descriptions


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