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Take the Cake - Advanced Gym Edition


Welcome to Take the Cake!



✖️12 weeks of plateau busting full-length leg + booty workouts

✖️Exclusive access to a private Instagram page with video demonstrations and descriptions of every single exercise

✖️Key information on what to eat for lean muscle gain, how to break through stalls in muscle building, how to stay motivated, and how to track your progressive overload

✖️Unique training intensifiers that will amplify your results to the next level. Supersets, dropsets, pause reps and isometric holds are just a few of many other burnout techniques will leave your booty with no choice but to GROW

✖️Optional HIIT Cardio workouts for fat loss, abs and cardiovascular health 


🍑Let's grow these Cakes!🍑

Notice: Due to the immediate nature of product delivery, there will be no refunds. File will download as a .pdf

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