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Take It Off 8 Week Slim & Sculpt

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Welcome to Take It Off: 8 Week Slim and Sculpt!



✖️8 weeks of structured, cardio-based workouts to promote fat burn - gym and home compatible

✖️5 day split: 1 upper body, 1 lower body, 1 full body, 2 optional cardio abs

✖️Exclusive access to a private Instagram page with video demonstrations of every single exercise

✖️Key information on what to eat for fat loss, how to set goals, how to stay motivated, and how to track your progress




✖️To experience fat loss while strengthening the underlying muscle

✖️To increase your aerobic capacity and endurance

✖️To understand nutrition in order to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss


🌟Equipment is NOT required for this program. However, use of dumbbells and/or a resistance band is highly recommended!

Notice: Due to the immediate nature of product delivery, there will be no refunds. File will download as a .pdf via e-mail and the Thank You Page.

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